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The Light Writer is an elegant ball point pen with a built-in LED. It features a bright yet soft light that can be turned off when not needed.

The Light Writer LED pen is the ideal instrument for writing in low light conditions. From taking notes in conference meetings to using the pen light to locate a keyhole at night, the Light Writer pen comes in handy day and night.

More specific users and applications of the Light Writer include:


Lab Technicians

Recording your dreams

Photographers/Dark room


Movie reviewers

Private eyes/detectives

Theater directors

Policemen and Firemen

Graphic artists/computer animation

Doctors and nurses

Restaurant/bar/night club staff

There is a difference in lighted and LED pens
Most of the LED pens on the market are sold as novelty items. Often made of plastic, the pens have a short life and are discarded after they have been used for awhile. The Light Writer LED pen is designed to be a useful writing instrument for almost anyone, while offering special advantages in certain applications.

The Light Writer LED pen has a metal barrel and a quality look and feel missing in any other pen we have seen on the market. It uses hearing aid style batteries readily available in stores such as Radio Shack, Target and Walmart.

Each pen is shipped with an extra set of batteries, as well as 2 replacement refills.

Speaking of refills - they are free! Just drop us a note anytime you need refills and we'll drop two in the mail to you at no additional charge.

100 Uses is our goal
We are working on our goal of documenting 100 unique applications of the Light Writer LED pen. Listed below are some of the uses for the Light Writer pen.

  • Finding keys/keyholes
  • Playing with your cat (pet)
  • Advertising/Corporate give-aways
  • Business meetings
  • x-ray technician
  • Night watchman/guard
  • Submariners
  • Dreamers
  • Photographers (including dark rooms if anyone is still shooting film)
  • Movie Reviewers
  • Graphic artists/Computer animators
  • Pilots
  • Used as a low-power flash light in multiple every day situations
  • Boat/Ships captains
  • Eye doctor
  • Hiker/camper
  • Industrial technician
  • Lab technician
  • Astronomers
  • Private Eyes/detectives
  • Theater Director
  • Cad/Cam operators
  • Shuttle Bus Drivers
  • Valet Attendant (parks cars)
  • Taking notes at night

  • Movie usher
  • Camper
  • Field researcher
  • Meter reader
  • Students taking notes during lectures
  • Firemen
  • Policemen
  • Military personel
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Restaurant/bar/night club staff
  • Spelunkers
  • Train conductors and engineers


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One of the most interesting applications we have heard of comes to us from several different movie reviewers, who have found the Lightwriter pen to be the perfect solution for taking notes in a darkened room.

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