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Safety and Emergency Response Personel Find Many Uses for the Light Writer LED Pen


The Light Writer LED pen is a popular item with many policemen and firemen, for obvious reasons. Writing a ticket at night while holding a pad, flashlight and pen at the same time can be a challenge. The Light Writer makes this job easier and faster.

We have even had reports of policemen using the LED light as part of a quick sobriety test by observing how well the "suspect's" eyes can follow the LED light as it is moved back and forth.

Detectives and under cover officers will find the red led allows them to make notes without reveling their position.

Firemen also find the pen useful for completing reports when in the field at night.

In support of these services, orders placed directly by the department receive a 10% discount!

There are several pen colors from which to choose.



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Mat or gloss black pens are popular with police and fire departments. Some prefer the red LED.